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Living in Vegas has its perks. One of them being the slew of awesome bands that play here. This month I got treated to Weezer playing at the Cosmopolitan’s Chelsea by my amazing sister-in-law. Best night I’ve had in a long time. Just look at these happy faces in the crowd.




This is what a normal weekend looks like for us. Good food and good friends. Of course its all organic, grass-fed beef, cous-cous, asparagus, and my favorite Eel River beers.

Life is pretty good in the desert.

Health Benefits of Kombucha


I know its not pretty. Actually, it looks like something kermit the frog grew up in, but its beautiful on the inside. Or at least what it does to your insides is beautiful.

Out of all my favorite “health foods” Kombucha is by far my favorite. I could go on for days about how its drastically changed my health for the better. But instead let me sum up.

Kombucha is a fermented tea, it can be flavored with just about anything. And can have a definite funk or taste like sugary soda depending on the kind you choose.

Like many of my other favorites its chalked full of antioxidants and other cancer fighting goodies, like Vitamins B and C. But what really is the kicker for this is its richness of good bacteria. Its a probiotic drink. Its alive!

Most Americans are suffering from a stomach full of bad bacteria. It makes its way in from all the chemically processed and unsanitary foods we tend to go for, and because we so often don’t pack in the nutrients of live foods we get a little unbalanced. Kombucha is my absolute favorite way to achieve a healthy gut. There are other ways to add probiotics to your system, kefir or yogurt are popular. These aren’t options for me since I can’t have dairy, but they might become your new favorite. Sam loves the probiotic yogurt.

If you struggle with bowel issues, cramping, low energy, struggling with weightloss, even acne, I highly suggest grabbing yourself a bottle.

In addition, Kombucha is naturally packed with Glucosamine for joint health, and Butyric acid which kills bad bacteria, parasites, and yeast, and strengthens the walls of your stomach.

I like to get the all green Kombucha which in addition to all these wonderful things is packed with spirulina, algae, wheat grass, and chlorella.

Oh, and because its fermented it does contain a little bit of alcohol, so you feel good right after drinking it.

Did I mention its my favorite?

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