Favorite Ikea Finds


So I learned something this morning. No matter how fresh baked they are, a whole plate of chocolate chip cookies isn’t a good idea for breakfast. My stomach hurts. But hey I’m an adult, I can have cookies for breakfast if I want.

I thought I’d make a post of all my favorite Ikea finds. I know this has been done 1000 times but not by me. So here are my favorite Ikea treats. And no this is not a sponsored post. I’m just a fan of their home furnishings.

From top right: Stockholm Cabinet
Bild Poster
Befintlig Scented Candles
Kastrull Pot With Lid
Gaddis Basket
Ekenaset Chair
Ikea Ps 2014 Cushion

Blogging Breaks and Finding My Voice

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photo courtesy of Dennis Dayrit

I really needed to take a break from blogging this last month and to be honest its because I haven’t felt a true connection to what I’m posting online. The effort and the ideas to the content are there, but I just wasn’t present in my writing. I think for me to continue on posting here, I’m gonna need to change what it is that I’m about. It needs to be more fun. So instead of stepping away, I’m going to start over and give it another try. But this time I want to be genuine. I want to have fun.

Yes, I believe in the health and organic advice and D.I.Y.’s that I’ve shared but its just not enough for me to want to put my all into it. And of course I’ll still try to share that stuff too. For now I’m going to work on finding and sharing my voice. I have a ton of fresh and interesting things going on in my life and I’m looking to share those in a more exciting way. I also have to find a way to just truly enjoy blogging and not look to get more readers… Readers are fantastic, and I appreciate every one of you but blogging has to be enjoyable first and foremost. I hope you all will like what future changes I plan on making.

Health Benefits of Basil


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When it comes to herbs basil tops the list for me, and not just because of its lovely aromatics or the delicious pestos it dominates, but because it provides a slew of wonderful health benefits. Basil has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties making it a powerhouse for fighting things like arthritis and swelling of the joints.

Its also packed with Beta-Carotene and antioxidants which in conjunction can prevent and destroy free radicals making them a weapon in cancer prevention.

Basil is also awesome at treating digestive issues such as constipation, stomach cramps, and indigestion.

Give your immune system a boost and add some effing delicious basil to your next meal.

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