I Sewed This!


One of my favorite things is sewing. Its just so satisfying to make something that you can wear. And even more so when you can make a new outfit out of something old.

This was my mothers dress. I don’t know if it was a maternity dress, or if she felt like being a librarian at one point but whatever it was for, I had no use for it now.

So with a little imagination I altered it to be an everyday outfit. I cut out a big chunk of the skirt and cut and sewed leg holes into the bottom, Cut out the zipper, sewed it tighter to fit, cut down the sleeves and the collar and put in magenta buttons down the front for contrast. Its so cute! And super comfortable!



I paired it with my mom’s old moccasins, a gold skinny belt, and a straw hat both from forever 21.

I’m obsessed.

Adventures in Wall Destruction, and Other Home Renovations


Ladies and gents, I finally have the ecstatic pleasure of showing you our first two home projects!! Those photos were taken during the night we knocked down half a wall.

So it goes a little something like this. Our house has very tall open ceilings, except for the kitchen which is tiny and closed off to make room for a formal dining room. We have big plans to knock down the second wall and extend the kitchen eliminating the dining room in the process. And because we were loosing a place to sit and have dinner, we thought that adding a bar top would be a great idea.


Sam decides one night that “tomorrow I’m knocking down that wall!” And I, being the good smart wife, blatantly tell him no. You see, I don’t enjoy living in a construction site. And I know that my husband will start a project enthusiastically, then get bored and put off finishing it. So I was adamant that he didn’t start unless he knew for sure that it would be finished right away, for me that meant a week, for him that meant a month…

The next day he and our best friend Wes come home with tools, and $80 worth of drywall, scrapers, putty, texture, and a big plank of wood.

Do husbands ever listen?

Against my better judgment I allowed them.. okay, I even helped them, tear down this ugly not needed wall in our kitchen.







We knew this wall was not load bearing as it didn’t even reach the ceiling. So we started by measuring to the desired height. Cut through the dry wall, sawed throughout the studs (being very careful to not clip any electrical. No water or gas in this wall). Removed the giant hunk of wall in two pieces. Marked the studs with painters tape, evened out the remaining dry wall, added drywall over the gaps, tacked it in with metal siding, and smoothed it out.



We then measured and cut the wooden plank to fit the exact length that we wanted, and put it on top to see how it would look. At this point all that we noticed was the big blank side of the cupboard.


So I came up with the great idea to hang a picture there. We already owned this vintage wooden Jack Daniels poster, and somehow Sam and I got it to fit exactly. It was like a miracle.


We may have had a few celebratory shots.


Sam sanded down the wood and used a clear finish, we could have stained it at this point but we really thought the color of the wood fit in our old kitchen. He used thick flat screws to connect the plank to the studs (which is why we marked them earlier with painters tape. Knew right where to drill!) He then added extra support with these cute iron scrolled rods.


The next thing we wanted to do was apply a unique color to the walls. I wanted something that really pulled you in to the living room. And I felt that glidden’s Peacock blue was perfect. I held onto the swatch for about a month before buying it. I nailed a few retro pie tins to the kitchen wall and Bam! Beautiful new look for my 80’s house.


All in all we spent about $200 on these renovations. We already had the pie tins and poster. We just needed paint, clear coat, dry wall, scrapers, metal siding, the plank (which we got on sale), paint trays and rollers (which we bought used from habitat for humanity’s restore), shelving support, and screws.

I love my house so much more already! Can’t wait to get working on more projects.

Do you love it?

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