Health Benefits of Pau d’Arco Tea


Pau d’Arco, or Taheebo, tea is one of those rare medicinal herbs you hear about that can do a variety of amazing things. With its soft warm color and rich spicy flavor it can strengthen an immune system and help the body recover and rebuild after a virus.

It has the ability to fight candida and other yeast type infections such as staph, tuberculosis, dysentery, and pneumonia. Can kill bad bacteria and parasites living in your system. And has been effectively used in fighting cancer, including complete remission of tumors with little to no side effects.

Its rich in Vitamins C and E and Coenzyme Q10 which play a role in its antioxidant strength.

There can, however, be too much of a good thing. Taheebo tea can cause blood-thinning, problems when overdosed, birth defects, and some reactions with medications. Its very beneficial but only when taken in moderation. I enjoy a cup about once every three days. Does wonders to calming my system.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

5 Ways to Spread the Happy


How can I say this without sounding like a crunchy, spiritual, unshaven wilderness girl?

The energy we put out into the world affects everyone around us.

Did that work? Nope, sounded pretty crunchy.

But its true. Like John Lennon said, “the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

In laymen’s terms we feed off each other. You put out love and joy, you get love and joy. With that little tidbit, lets learn some fun ways to share the happy.

1. Are you guys ready for this? Its a big one, probably the biggest. Smile. When a stranger smiles at you, don’t you feel the urge to smile back? That stranger gets it, he’s sharing the happy. You should too.

2. Put those good vibes on the line, or online as it were. We live in the age of social media. And though it all seems superficial, it does actually have some affect. Studies show that happy posts can up your cheerfulness by 9 percent, while an upsetting one can lower by 7 percent. Help your online buddies who are having a rough day. Post a funny picture, or maybe someone smiling. I’m telling you, its all about the smiles.

3. Affection. Hugs. These are the good things people are talking about when the say the best things in life are free. Being touched is a huge way to help lift somebody up, you’re sharing all those good feels. Touching lowers our cortisol, or stress hormones, and releases those delicious oxytocin, feel good hormones. And what a fun way to spread the happy.

4. Turn up the positive. I so often notice how certain people always have something negative to say. They look for things to complain about. These are the same people who are always sick, always tired, and don’t seem to get much happy out of their lives. Don’t be that guy. Try to see things in a positive light. People will pick up on your sunny disposition. And your ray of light will make them feel all warm inside. Awww… mushy.

5. Show gratitude and selflessness. I kinda feel like the Dalai Lama with that last statement. But for reals, say thank you, and offer to help people. You never know what others might be going through. And they might just need a little act of kindness.

You can do it. I know you’re busy, and hungry and cranky. But heres the thing, you only get one chance at this life. Why would you ever want to live it in misery? If you start acting happy, you’ll be happy. Because happy is contagious. So spread the happy.

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